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אנשים עם מוגבלויות ומשפחותיהם; מיומנויות ראיון; הגיל הרך; התפתחות הילד

שעות קבלה
בתיאום מראש
קורות חיים

Higher Education

Undergraduate and Graduate Studies


Name of Institution and Department

Period of Study

(with Distinction)

University of Haifa-School of Social Work                                                                                         




(Dean’s List)

University of Haifa-

School of Social Work




University of Haifa-

School of Social Work




Post-Doctoral Studies

Name of Host

Name of Institution and Department/Lab

Period of Study

Prof. Michael E. Lamb

Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge,

Cambridge, UK

September 2017 – August, 2019



Scholarly Positions and Activities outside the University

Memberships in Academic Professional Associations


Member of the Israeli Audit Committee of the Child Development Association

2013 - 2018

Member of the Israeli Child Development Association

2013 - Present


Member of the American Psychology-Law Society (APLS)

2017 - present

Member of the International Investigative Interviewing Research Group (IIIRG)

2018 - present


Reviewing for Refereed Journal


Reviewing for Refereed Journals:

Legal and Criminological Psychology

IF 2016= 1.822

R 2016= Law: 25/149 (Q1)

Child Maltreatment

IF 2017= 2.984

R 2017= Family Studies: 3/43 (Q1); Social Work: 2/42 (Q1)

2015 - present



Scholarships, Awards and Prizes

Source of scholarship

For what purpose


Hasia Foulks Foundation

First prize for excellence in the BA studies


Haifa University

Encouragement scholarship, excellence second year MA


Brener- Meridor Foundation

Excellence scholarship


Haifa University

Qualified for the Dean's List with high honors


Faculty of Health and Welfare

University of Haifa

Ph.D. scholarship

2013 - 2016

School of Social Work

University of Haifa

Encouragement scholarship for Post-doc students


Department of Psychology

University of Cambridge

Cambridge, UK

Post-doc scholarship

2017- 2019



Schertz, M., Karni-Visel, Y., Tamir, A., Genizi, J., & Roth, D. (2016). Family quality of life among families with a child who has a severe neurodevelopmental disability: Impact of family and child socio-demographic factors. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 53, 95-106.

Hershkowitz, I., Ahern, E. C., Lamb, M. E., Blasbalg, U., Karni‐Visel, Y., & Breitman, M. (2017). Changes in interviewers' use of supportive techniques during the Revised Protocol training. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 31(3), 340-350.

Ahern, E. C., Hershkowitz, I., Lamb, M. E., Blasbalg, U., & Karni-Visel, Y. (2018). Examining reluctance and emotional support in forensic interviews with child victims of substantiated physical abuse. Applied Developmental Science, 1-12.

Schertz, M., Karni-Visel, Y., Hershkowitz, I., Flaisher, M., & Hershkowitz, F. (2018). Child maltreatment identification rates in a child development center: suggestions for improved detection. European Journal of Pediatrics, 1-7.

Blasbalg, U., Hershkowitz, I., Karni-Visel, Y. Support, Reluctance and Production in Child Abuse Investigations. Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, 24(4), 518.

Blasbalg, U., Hershkowitz, I., Lamb, M. E., Karni-Visel, Y., & Ahern, E. C. (2018). Is interviewer support associated with the reduced reluctance and enhanced informativeness of alleged child abuse victims? Law & Human Behavior.  

Karni-Visel, Y., Hershkowitz, I., Lamb, M. E., & Blasbalg., U. (2019). Facilitating the Expression of Emotions by Alleged Victims of Child Abuse During Investigative Interviews Using the Revised NICHD Protocol. Child Maltreatment.

Schertz, M., Karni-Visel, Y., Genizi, J., Manishevitch, H., Hershkowitz, F., Lam, M., ... & Bikson, M. (2020). P11 Adverse effects reported by children with ADHD undergoing transcranial direct current stimulation. Clinical Neurophysiology, 131(4), e16-e17.

Karni-Visel, Y., Hershkowitz, I., Flaisher, M., Hershkowitz, F. & Schertz, M. (2020). Increased Risk for Child Maltreatment in those with Developmental Disability: A Health Care Perspective from Israel. Research in Developmental Disabilities. In press

Hershkowitz, I., Lamb, M. E., Blasbalg, U., & Karni‐Visel, Y. (2020). The dynamics of two-session interviews with suspected victims of abuse who are reluctant to make allegations. Development and Psychopathology. In press.


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