Thesis and Dissertatations

Year Student Advisor
2022 Change Process in Prolonged Exposure Therapy for PTSD - An Account of Two Cases MA Reshef Lior Prof. Sara Freedman
2022 Compassion Fatigue and Growth among CERT volunteers MA Rachmani Ruth Prof. Haya Itzhaky, Dr. Shlomit Weiss Dagan
2022 Coping Mechanisms of Social Workers Managing the Guardianship Process of Hospitalized Senior Citizens MA Sharabi Naama Prof. Liat Ayalon
2022 Domestic Abusers and Men Who Murdered their Partners: Differences from Personal, Personality, and Situational Perspectives MA Pinto Ickovits Yaara Dr. Anat Ben-Porat
2022 The aging experiences of Israeli men who participated in day centers MA Aronsberg Or Prof. Liat Ayalon
2022 The Contribution of Self-awareness and Sources of Support to Personal Growth – A Comparison between First-time Mothers and Fathers MA Katz Teichner Shahar Prof. Orit Taubman - Ben-Ari
2022 The Couplehood Experience of Eritrean Women Asylum Seekers Living in Israel MA Boaron Sara Prof. Rachel Dekel
2022 The experience of siblingship, from the perspective of adults with borderline intellectual functioning, with non-disabled siblings, in the context of their ageing processes MA Wertheimer-Shina Inbar Prof. Liat Ayalon
2021 "It Hurts When You Touch" - The Experience of Men Who Have Been Sexually Abused by Women MA Tuval Adva Prof. Rachel Dekel
2021 Acceptance of Negative Emotions in a Relationship and its Contribution to Marital Satisfaction MA Vider Ariel Prof. Sara Freedman
2021 An Examination of Health Behaviors among Ethiopian-Israeli Adults with Regard to Type 2 Diabetes MA Betolin Schermann Dalia Dr. Shiri Shinan Altman
2021 Examining the Contribution of Personal and Environmental Characteristics to Adjustment of Vulnerable Youths MA Amitsur Aviya Prof. Haya Itzhaky
2021 Fathers on the Edge: Factors Inhibiting and Promoting Father's Voluntary Use of Welfare Services PhD Negbi Irit Prof. Nehami Baum
2021 I Lost a Child Too: The Experience of Men After a Child's Stillbirth PhD Glaser Chodik Nurit Prof. Nehami Baum
2021 Ideological Meaning Making Among People who Lost Close Relative in Terrorism or War in Gaza Envelope MA Garber Maayan Dr. Adi Barak
2021 Ideological Meaning-Making Among Israeli Gay Men: Politics, Public Discourse and Human Rights MA Saar Eden Dr. Adi Barak
2021 Our Parents, Their Grandparents: Parents' Perceptions of Grandparents role in Families of Children with Disabilities MA Erlich Gilit Prof. Liora Findler
2021 Personal Recovery from Posttraumatic stress: The contribution of Self-Disclosure as a Personal and Interpersonal Characteristic of the Couple Relationship MA Adelstein Noa Prof. Rachel Dekel
2021 Posttraumatic Growth among Adult Children of a Parent Diagnosed with Cancer: Application of the Stress and Coping Model MA Becker Liat Dr. Shiri Shinan Altman
2021 The Association Between Intergenerational Relationships and Caregiving Burden Among Adult Children and Grandchildren of People with Alzheimer's Disease MA Belkin Daphna Dr. Shiri Shinan Altman
2021 The Contributing Factors to the Subjective Wellbeing, Future Orientation, and Leadership Ability of Youth Volunteering in a Therapy Center: The Role of Personal, Environmental, and Organizational Resources PhD Zriker Amit Prof. Haya Itzhaky
2021 The Contribution of Personal Resources (Self-Esteem, Sense of mastery, and Leadership Competence) and Social Resources (Sense of Belonging to the Community and Social Support) to Well-being among Students who Take Part in the Student Villages Program MA Halevy Liat Prof. Haya Itzhaky, Dr. Shlomit Weiss Dagan
2021 The contribution of personal resources to maternal well-being during the postpartum period MA Blaugrund Tal Dr. Rena Bina
2021 The Contribution of Recollections of Childhood Parental Acceptance, Self-Differentiation, Interpersonal Anxiety and Fear of Intimacy as Predictors of Relationship Satisfaction Among Spouses MA Wilder Michal Prof. Ricky Finzi-Dottan
2021 The contribution of subjective personal and social resources to the psychological well-being of fathers after childbirth MA Amiel Michal Dr. Rena Bina