Thesis and Dissertatations

Year Student Advisor
2024 Representations of Motherhood as Reflected in the Profiles of Celebrity Mothers on the Social Network Instagram in Israel MA Cohen Madmoni Gal Dr. Shirley Ben-Shlomo
2023 At home during Covid-19: father’s perspectives of identity, masculinity, and fatherhood MA Kadmiel Ore Dr. Adi Barak
2023 Community Organizers in Geographical Communities during the COVID-19 Crisis MA Tomer Shuv Siboni Dr. Rena Bina, Dr. Ayelet Makaros
2023 Community Resilience Among Residents of the Jewish Settlement in Hebron: The contribution of Personal and social Characteristics MA Sikurel Tamar Dr. Drorit Levy
2023 Disclosure and Concealment: Experience of Orthodox Population Adults Who were Exposed to inter- Personal Violence in their Childhood MA Ferencz Ben Attar Efrat Haya Prof. Rachel Dekel
2023 Emerging Adults At Risk: The Contribution of Personal and Environmental Resources to their Adjustment PhD Naim Levi Nofar Prof. Haya Itzhaky
2023 Emotional regulation and rumination as mediators of the connection between mindfulness and post-traumatic growth MA Levi Waintraub Danielle Prof. Sara Freedman, Dr. Yael Shoval Zuckerman
2023 Factors explaining well-being among primary caregivers of prolonged mechanically ventilated patients during hospitalization MA Lavrinenko Tanya Dr. Shiri Shinan Altman
2023 Fatherhood Desires and Perceptions among Israeli Heterosexual Men MA Brot Hanna Dr. Shirley Ben-Shlomo
2023 House Parents’ Experiences of their Role in Out-of-Home Care that Operate in a Family-Style Group Care Model MA Langfeld Satat Shira Dr. Shirley Ben-Shlomo
2023 Masculine identity in Hesder yeshivot MA Avior Itai Dr. Adi Barak
2023 Maternal Disintegrative Responses in the Context of Infant Care: Their Role in the Association Between Early Childhood Experiences and Personal and Maternal Aspects PhD Chasson Miriam Prof. Orit Taubman - Ben-Ari
2023 Media construction of homicide or attempted homicide of women by an intimate partner during Covid 19 MA Primor Shani Dr. Shirley Ben-Shlomo
2023 Personal growth and Life satisfaction among Arab women with fertility problems PhD Abu Sharkia Salam Prof. Orit Taubman - Ben-Ari
2023 Psychological Abuse in Relationship-The Experience of Women Who were Victims MA Koren Neta Shai Dr. Shirley Ben-Shlomo
2023 Psychotic-like experiences and Academic Functioning: The role of psychological distress MA Sobol Noy Dr. Nomi Werbeloff Becker
2023 The association between attachment styles, illness representations, coping strategies, social support and adherence among type 1 diabetic adolescents: A comparison between boys and girls MA Chorna Efrat Dr. Shiri Shinan Altman
2023 The association between illness representations, body image and death anxiety in women with Fibromyalgia: The mediating role of coping strategies and the moderating role of perceived social support MA Oved More Dr. Shiri Shinan Altman
2023 The association between information, motivation to change, social support and perceived self-efficacy, and health behavior regarding hialthy diet, exercise and smoking avoidance among Arabs and Jews with mental illness in Israel MA Watted Abeer Dr. Rena Bina
2023 The Association Between Parenting Stress and Personal Growth in the Transition to Motherhood - The Role of Maternal Compassion Preoccupation, Mentalization, Perfectionism and the Baby’s Age MA Katz Avigail Prof. Orit Taubman - Ben-Ari
2023 The concept of the grow of a couple's relationship, whom are suffering from PTSD, through intervention of cognitive behavioral therapy MA Shmueli Azulay Tfila Prof. Rachel Dekel
2023 The contribution of childhood maltreatment of the caregiving dispositions, personal growth, and parenting style MA Donel Hila Prof. Ricky Finzi-Dottan
2023 The Contribution of Differentiation of the Self, Couple Caregiving, and Intimacy to Marital Satisfaction and Perceptions of Infidelity MA Ariel Shlomtzion Prof. Ricky Finzi-Dottan
2023 The Contribution of Individual, Personality, and Contextual Factors to Parenting Stress Among Mothers of More Than One Child: A Comparison of “Late” Parenthood Mothers to “On Time” Parenthood Mothers PhD Balkanyi-Nehora Muriel Prof. Liat Kulik
2023 The Contribution of Personal and Social Resources and Health Behavior to the Subjective Personal Well-being of Social Services Clients PhD Gefen Eti Prof. Haya Itzhaky