Acting Deputy Head & Head of the Master's Degree Retraining Program

Dr. Shiri Shinan Altman

Fields of Interest

Social work in the health care system; Health and illness; Chronic conditions; Care for the elderly






    University of Haifa

    B.A. Social Work


    University of Haifa

    M.A. Social Work


    University of Haifa

    Ph.D. Social Work




    2017-PI (with Prof. Perla Werner). Dementia friends- evaluation research.

    2016- co-PI (with Prof. Liat Ayalon). Community caregivers for older adults- evaluation research. National Insurance Institute of Israel. 

    2015- PI (with Prof. Varda Soskolne and Prof. Liat Ayalon). Barriers to pursuing a home care career among job seekers. National Insurance Institute of Israel. 

    2012- Doctorate scholarship

    2010- Award from Emda –The Alzheimer's Association of Israel – for doctoral research proposal

    2008- An M.A. thesis Research Award in memory of Prochovnik from the Israel Gerontological Society

    2007- An M.A. thesis Award from Myers-JDC-Brookdale Institute of Gerontology and Adult Human Development, and ESHEL-The Association for the Planning and Development of Services for the Aged in Israel

    2006- Scholarship from the Dean of Graduate Studies – Excellence in M.S.W


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    7616201 Scientific Reading and Writing
    7630501 Psycho-social aspects of health and illness
    7634102 Research Seminar
    7664001 Health and Illness
    7674101 Issues of Health and Disease Situations
    • Social work in the health care system
    • Mental, behavioral and social factors in health and illness
    • Dealing with chronic conditions (sick people, family members, professionals)
    • Formal and informal care for the elderly

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