Ph.D. Degree Studies

The Ph.D. program aims at encouraging academic excellence and professional leadership, through advancing the student's research and analytical thinking capabilities, and the capacity to evaluate policy and assess services. The program enables the students to deepen their knowledge in a specialized area, improve their scientific skills, and conduct original, empirical study in their field of research. The duration of studies is four years. Upon completion of all requirements, students will be awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).


  1. Departmental Colloquium
  2. Seminar for doctoral students
  3. Select workshops for doctoral students
  4. Statistics for doctoral students
  5. Qualitative research methods for doctoral students

* the curriculum is subject to change.

PhD students are required to satisfy university requirements in Jewish Studies and English, as detailed in the regulations of the university. Each doctoral student will participate actively in courses and seminars for a period of no less than two years.  Courses must be completed during the first two years of the program.

The student must participate in the departmental colloquium during all four years of study. All requirements of the School of Advanced Studies of the University will apply to students of the PhD program in the School of Social Work.

More information about the program (in Hebrew)