Thesis Completion Track

The thesis completion track is designed for social workers who have completed a second-degree program in a non-thesis track and are interested in conducting research and writing a thesis.

To equip students with the knowledge and tools for conducting and understanding research, we teach the principles of scientific thinking, quantitative and qualitative research methods and statistics, in a thorough and systematic manner.

Every student must choose one of the school’s supervisors who will guide them through every stage of the research. In accordance with the supervisor, the student selects a research topic, submits an initial research proposal and a detailed proposal. After receiving approval for the proposal and ethics committee approval, the research can commence.

Upon completion of the research, the student submits a thesis and undergoes examination before a committee. A student whose thesis is approved will receive an approval letter and a grade for the thesis. This track does not provide students with a MA certificate upon completion.

More information about the track (in Hebrew)