Head, Clinical Retraining Program & Clinical-Rehabilitation and Health Retraining Program

Dr. Enav Karniel Lauer

Fields of Interest

Mental health, Holocaust trauma, grief and loss, trauma and dissociation, analytical group therapy and group supervision


    Dr. Enav Karniel was born and raised in Israel. She is married with two daughters and one grandson.

    Enav is a licensed clinical social worker, a psychotherapist, and a group analyst. She is currently works as a lecturer at the Bar-Ilan University’s School of Social Work, and at the Training Program at the Israeli Institute of Group Analysis (IIGA).

    Enav also serves as a supervisor of group and individual therapists for the following services: Amcha organization, Israeli Ministry of Defense, Probation services, Domestic violence and abuse prevention program. Additionally, Enav works with individuals and couples in her private practice. Fields of expertise: trauma, loss, and bereavement.

    In her former positions, Enav served as a member of the executive committee and as chair of the teaching committee of the Israeli Institute of Group Analysis. She also served as co-chair of the scientific committee of Ein-Gedi and Gonen conference.


    Chapters in Books

    דהאן, ר., קרניאל לאוארע. (2015). פילוסופיה וקטסטרופה במרחב הקבוצתי: בין המוות לחיים, בין אשמה לכפרה ובין הבל למשמעות. בתוך: ספור קבוצתי, מנחים כותבים על דרכם עם קבוצות, להמן, ת. (עורכת), הוצאת אמציה. עמ' 322-360. (Hebrew)

    קרניאל לאוארע. (2015). קבוצה אנאליטית לילדי השואה והדור השני: בניית שייכות לעצמי הפגוע באמצעות תהליכים של הכרה הדדית. בתוך: טפול אנאליטי בארץ זבת חלב ודבש, פרידמן, ר., ודורון י. (עורכים). הוצאת אח. עמ' 317-331. (Hebrew)


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    7631603 - Intervention Methods with the Group

    7641102 -  Group Dynamics

    7660801 - Individual Treatment in Health and Rehabilitation Systems - Seminar

    7660901 - Individual Treatment in Health and Rehabilitation Systems - Practicum

    7662801 - Loss and Bereavement

    7664601 - Trauma and Dissociation: Contemporary Theoretical and Clinical Approaches

    76720001 - Trauma Dissociation and Testimony: Theory and Therapy

    76721201 - Trauma Dissociation and Testimony: Theory and Practice (Seminar)

    76721301 - Trauma Dissociation and Testimony: Theory and Practice (Practicum)


    • Mental health
    • Holocaust trauma
    • Grief and loss
    • Trauma and dissociation
    • Analytical group therapy
    • Group supervision

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