Thesis and Dissertatations

Yearsort icon Title Student Advisor
2019 The contribution of personality characteristics and variables related to volunteering in predicting perceptions of leadership ability among adult volunteers at therapeutic riding centers in Israel MA Shlomo Ortal Dr. Drorit Levy
2018 Relationship between work environment, supervision and emotional burnout among social-educational staff in residential cate settings for children and adolescents at-risk MA Avishaul Michal Prof. Liat Kulik
2018 Negligent killing in a car accident: The male driver and his spouse Ph.D Nizan-Biran Shikma Prof. Nehami Baum
2018 Attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help in the transition to fatherhood: A comparative analysis between heterosexual and homosexual fathers Ph.D Gur Apter Yair Prof. Liat Kulik
2018 Dilemmas and Methods of Work of Legal Geriatric Social Workers in the Field of Guardianship MA Fridman Sharon
2018 The relationship between childhood traumas, emotional dysregulation, aggressiveness and disassociation and self-injury among teenaged girls in post-hospitalization boarding school MA Shtayner Ofra Dr. Rachel Lipschitz-Elhawi
2018 The relationship between mastery, differentiation of self, peer support and satisfaction with supervision, and secondary traumatization and growth among social work students MA Gottlieb Shelly Dr. Anat Ben-Porat
2018 The relationship between sleep quality of children with a\Autistic Spectrum Disorder between the ages of 3-10 and parental stress, and the effect of self-efficacy, hope and sleep quality of the parents on this relationship MA Kibrik Lilach Prof. Rami Benbenishty
2018 Addiction to the addict: The relationship between secondary traumatization among social workers treating addicts who use psycho-active substance and post-traumatic growth MA Gilbar Michal Dr. Sara Freedman - Goldstone
2018 From care relationship between a migrant home caregiver and her older care recipient to couplehood MA Argaman Ariel Prof. Liat Ayalon
2018 The association between internalized homophobia and risky sexual behavior among HIV positive men MA Michael Shahar Prof. Varda Soskolne
2018 Personal and professional consequences on therapists treating trauma victims compared to therapists treating offenders MA Broshi Shizaf Prof. Rachel Dekel
2018 The experience of young Israeli transgender women in seeking and using help, based on self-experience as well as the experiences of workers in various frameworks MA Steinberg Alona Dr. Adi Barak
2018 Personal identity and life satisfaction among young national religious Israeli women: The contribution of personal characteristics, perception of the relationships with the mother and use of social media MA Kabizon Oneg Dr. Shirley Ben-Shlomo
2018 An internet based self help intervention for treating test anxiety amongst university students MA Richman Tzvi Dr. Sara Freedman - Goldstone
2018 The contribution of personal and environmental resources to the development of secondary traumatization and vicarious posttraumatic growth among volunteers in therapeutic riding centers MA Gil Limor Dr. Anat Ben-Porat
2018 Motives, Difficulties and challenges of medical staff volunteering at the "physicians for Human Rights" open clinic in Jaffa MA Landoy Roz Einav Prof. Nehami Baum
2018 The association between emotion regulation, forgiveness and driving styles MA Navon Meital Prof. Orit Taubman - Ben-Ari
2018 Children in foster care: Their condition, changes in their condition during their stay in foster care and the predictors of these changes MA Tsruya Shem Prof. Rami Benbenishty
2018 Ultra-Orthodox fathers in Israel: Predictors of involvement and warmth compared to the general population MA Gelerenter Nehama Prof. Ricky Finzi-Dottan
2018 Parallel processes between parents and their emerging adults in context of the post traumatic stress disorder of the emerging adults MA Levavy Netta Prof. Rachel Dekel
2018 The relationship between personal, professional and environmental factors and secondary traumatization and growth among social work students MA Shahar Shemesh Dr. Anat Ben-Porat
2018 The contribution of the theory of stress, appraisal and coping for the understanding of health-related quality of life among rheumatoid arthritis patients MA Afuta Goldstein Shiran Dr. Shiri Shinan Altman
2018 Intention to seek professional and non-professional emotional help among young Jewish adults: The contribution of perceptions, attitudes and cultural-religious variables MA Merzbach Rachel Dr. Rena Bina
2018 The impact of self-differentiation and parental acceptance-rejection on fear of intimacy and the associations with marital satisfaction MA Schwartz Ricky Prof. Ricky Finzi-Dottan