Thesis and Dissertatations

Yearsort icon Title Student Advisor
2017 The contribution of personal, social and communal resources to adjustment explanation of drop-out youth to the life in the Ultra-Orthodox sector Ph.D Itzhaki Yael Prof. Haya Itzhaky
2017 Adolescents' Meaning in Life: Contribution of Self-Mastery, Attachment Orientation and Environmental Variables MA Lotan Limor Dr. Shirley Ben-Shlomo
2017 The association between negative cognitions and previous exposure to traumatic events to PTSD symptoms level following a subsequent traumatic event MA Goren Yael Dr. Sara Freedman - Goldstone
2017 Examination of the compatibility of diagnostic criteria in relation to narrative themes in Prolonged Exposure (PE) Therapy for PTSD MA Mali Moran Dr. Sara Freedman - Goldstone
2017 Moral distress among social workers in long term care facilities for older adults Ph.D Lev Sagit Prof. Liat Ayalon
2017 The potential role for schools in preventing obesity in children, adolescents, and young adults Ph.D Sobol Goldberg Shira Prof. Jonathan Rabinowitz
2017 The contribution of Illness perception and coping resources to explaining psychological distress in Palestinian family members caring for children with Cancer MA Slayeh Soliman Mona Prof. Varda Soskolne
2017 Thoughts on separation from parents, death thought accessibility, and risk taking among teenagers - The moderating role of separation-individuation level. attachment style, and meaning in life MA Solomon Avinoam Prof. Orit Taubman - Ben-Ari
2017 The contribution of personal resources to mental health and personal growth in the transition to motherhood - A comparison between single mothers by choice and mothers with a spouse MA Chasson Miriam Prof. Orit Taubman - Ben-Ari
2017 The mediating role of sexual motives between attachment orientation and narcissism to sexual satisfaction and functioning among couples: A dyadic perspective Ph.D Gewirtz-Meydan Ateret Prof. Ricky Finzi-Dottan
2017 The contribution of personal and environmental variables to the addiction to binge eating among women who suffer from psychological abuse with in their intimate relations and the moderating role of emotional defense mechanisms MA Drori Orly Yona Dr. Shirley Ben-Shlomo
2017 Pity towards persons with disability among social workers MA Vinokur Michal Prof. Liora Findler
2016 Body-mind integration in the helping professions: Implications on identity, status and boundaries of the professions and professionals. Ph.D Shacham Shoer Maitri
2016 Exploring the correlations between personal and communal resources, post-traumatic symptoms and the sense of community belonging, among "Gush Katif" evacuees. MA Friedman Yuval
2016 Social networks of care leavers: Examining alternative models (compensation, moderation, and mediation) of the contribution of social support to well-being and functioning in young adulthood and their relationships to childhood negative life events Ph.D Melkman Eran Prof. Rami Benbenishty
2016 Risk taking among bereaved sibling. Ph.D Magen Limor Prof. Orit Taubman - Ben-Ari
2016 Personal Growth among Mothers to Pre-Term Babies: On the Relationship between Event Severity, Subjective Stress, Personal Resources (Internal & External) and Personal Growth MA Rozen Gal Prof. Orit Taubman - Ben-Ari
2016 Ethiopian battered women in shelters: The contribution of characteristics of violence, one's life events and personal and social resources to the variation of mental distress MA Yarden Lilach Dr. Anat Ben-Porat
2016 Adjustment profiles of Yom Kippur war veterans seeking delayed help from IDF Ph.D Soval Zuckerman Yael Prof. Rachel Dekel
2016 The experiences of elderly women suffering from gambling disorder. MA Levinson Noa Prof. Liat Ayalon
2016 A multidimensional assessment of friendship relations among young drivers and their contribution to road safety Ph.D Guggenheim Noga Prof. Orit Taubman - Ben-Ari
2016 Coping with swxual prohibitions: An examination of experiences and challenges of older singles in the Israeli Religious-Zionist community MA Ariav Menny Prof. Nehami Baum
2016 Childbirth, trauma and the family: Traumatic childbirth and the quality of mother-baby bond and marital relationship MA Reshef Shani Dr. Sara Freedman - Goldstone
2016 Personal and professional consequences on therapists treating offenders in the juvenile probation service MA Rozenblum Gitelis Hani Prof. Rachel Dekel
2016 The integration and functioning of care-leavers in the Israel Defense Forces MA Marilus Fridman Moran Prof. Rami Benbenishty