Dr. Tova Yedidia

Coordinator of Clinical Practice Program
Dr. Tova Yedidia





Bar Ilan University, Social Work



Bar Ilan University, Social Work



Bar Ilan University, Social Work


Papers Presented at Scientific Conferences


The Diversity Conference for Social Work Education & Practice (College of Social Work, University of South Carolina)

"The Teaching of Immigrant Therapists from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union, the Use of Artistic Tools for Diagnosis and Treatment"


Impact of Global Issues on Women and Children, International Conference (McMaster University, Canada and Burapha University, Thailand)

"The Use of Imprinted Personal Pain as a Source of the Search for Meaning, that Motivates Adaptive Coping"


21st International Conference on Death and Bereavement (Haifa University Israel)

"Healing Couples in the Womb of a Group: Dealing with Marital Relations in Bereaved Parents’ Support Groups"




The Scientific Committee of the 28th International Congress of Psychology (Beijing, China)

"Processing traumatic experiences in working with holocaust survivors by creating an album of memories"


Between Matrix and Manuals' Contemporary Chllenges in Group Analysis (Molad, Norway)

"Anti-Group in a Group for Parents of Children who have Committed Suicide" 


Additional Information

Other Professional Experience:

1986-1989       Manager of “Ronen”, Department for Youth Services, Bat-Yam.

1984-1989       Manager of Marriage Counseling Agency and Divorce Mediation Services, Bat-Yam.

1981-1984       Child Protection Worker in the Local Welfare Services (Child Protection Worker is appointed by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs and is mandated to appear in court), Bat-Yam.

1979-1981       Social Worker, Local Welfare Services, Bat-Yam.

  • Developed training programs for divorce mediators and teaching divorce mediation.
  • Qualified divorce mediator and supervisor of divorce mediators
  • Group therapist and supervisor in groups for bereaved parents, divorced parents and their children. 
  • Qualified family therapist .

Public Voluntary Positions:

1998 – 2000    Developed a national project of group psychotherapy for elderly holocaust survivors.

1990 – 1995    Participated in designing of national projects for treatment of youth in distress in Israel (Ministry of Education).


Academic Roles:

2001 - today    Reviewer of articles for the Journal of Society and Welfare.


Special Duties in the University:

2003 – 2004    Deputy Director of the School of Social Work

2003 – 2004    Chairman of the B.A. program

2003 – 2004    Member of the Advisory Committee

2003 – 2004    Chairman of he B.A. Committee and Admissions Committee

2003 – 2004    Member of Status Committee

2004                Chairman of Status Committee

2000 – 2003    Concentration of Social Group Work

2000 – 2003    A member in B.A committee

1999 – 2000    Re-designing the new B.A. curriculum


Professionals Degrees:

  • Qualified family therapist - the Israeli Association for Marital and Family Therapy.
  • Qualified divorce mediator and supervisor in divorce mediation - the Israeli association for marital and family therapy.
  • Graduate of "Hidabrut" – A three year program for qualified psychotherapists - Israel Psychoanalytic Society.

Membership in professional societies:

  • The Israeli Association for Marital and Family Therapy.
  • The Israeli Association of Social Workers


Chapters in Books:

Yedidia, T. & Itzhaky, H. (2003). "A drawing technique for diagnosis and therapy of adolescents suffering traumatic stress and loss related to terrorism", In N. Boyd (ed.), Mass Trauma, Stress and Loss (pp. 283-303), New York: Guilford press.

Yedidia, T. & Levine-Keini, N. (2005). "Making use of family collage as a means for processing traumatic experiences in working with Holocaust Survivors", In B. Worsfold (ed.), The Art of Ageing: Textualising the Phase of Life (pp. 165-176), New York: Guilford press.


Articles in Refereed Journals:

Yedidia, T., & Yerushalmy, H. (1997). A model for the evaluation of readiness for divorce, Journal of Divorce and Remarriage26, 115-123.

Yerushalmy, H., &  Yedidia, T. (1997). The family album, American Journal of Family Therapy25  (3), 261-269.

Yedidia, T. (2003). Supervision, empathy and empowerment, Society & Welfare23(2), 227-244. (Hebrew).

Yedidia, T. (2004). Using art tools for diagnosing and treating of immigrant therapists from Ethiopia and their patients, Society & Welfare24(1), 27-40. (Hebrew)

Yedidia, T. (2005). Immigrant therapists' unresolved identity problems and counter-transference, Clinical Social Work33(2), 159-172.

Yedidia, T. & Levine-Kaini, N. (2006). Using creative means to teach basic dynamic concepts, International Journal of the Arts in Society, 1(1), 51-58.

Yedidia, T., & Yerushalmy, H. (2008). To murder the internal mother or to commit suicide? Anti group in a group of second generation holocaust survivors whose children committed suicide, Group Analysis Journal, 40(3).

Lipschitz-Elhawi, R. & Yedidia, T. (2011). Using human figure drawings as a tool for examining self-perception and emotional attitudes among Jewish and Arab children in Israel, International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 35(5), 567-579.

Yedidia, T. & Lipschitz-Elhawi, R. (2012). Examining social perceptions between Arab and Jewish children through human figure drawings, Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association, 29(3), 104-112.

Baum, N., Yedidia, T., Schwartz, C. & Aran, O. (2013). Social work studies at a Haredi women's college: Difficulties and dilemmas, Journal of Social Work Education, 49(1).

Ezra, J., & Yedidia, T. (2016). The matrix of the group as transformative container in marital therapy with bereaved parents. Group Analysis, 49(1). DOI: 10.1177/0533316415626619

Baum, N., Schwartz, C., Yedidia, T. & Aran, O. (accepted for publication). Ultra-Orthodox women pursuing an education in social work, Journal of Social Work Education.


7660801 - Issues in individual treatment in rehabilitation & health systems - seminar

7660901 - Issues in individual treatment in rehabilitation & health systems - practicum

7671701 - Group therapy - Seminar

7671801 - Group therapy - Practicum

7687401 - Creative therapy - Seminar

7687501 - Creative therapy - Practicum


1. Group therapy.

2. Development of creative tools in therapy, supervision, teaching and research.

3. Marriage and Family therapy.