Dr. Ayelet Makaros

Head of Field Work Unit
Dr. Ayelet Makaros






Bar Ilan University, Social Work



Bar Ilan University, Social Work



Bar Ilan University, Social Work

 Additional Information

  • Excellence of high degree in teaching - several times.
  • Development and Coordinator of field work in the community-group specialization program (1997-2004).
  • Coordination of the developing community-group specialization program.
  • AD-HOC reviewer of the following journals: Social Security, Society and Welfare (Hebrew).
  • Member in ACOSA Association – The Association for Community Organization and Social Administration in U.S.A.
  • Member of the Association of Community Social Workers in Israel.


Makaros, A. & Grodofsky-Moshe, M. (accepted, not published yet). "Social Workers' Conflict of Loyalty in the Context of Social Activism: The Case of the 2011 Social Protests in Israel". Journal of Community Practice.

Grodofsky-Moshe, M & Makaros, A. (accepted, not published yet). Social Work and Social Protest: An Under-Researched Field. Journal of Policy Practice.

Makaros, A. (2015). Corporate Social Responsibility: Practice models For building business-community collaborations. In "Empowering Organizations through Corporate Social Responsibility (pp. 191-208). IGI Global. Pennsylvania, U.S.A

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Makaros, A. (2011) Social work and Corporate social responsibility: Findings from an Israeli Study.  Administration in Social Work, 35 (4), 349-363.

Makaros, A.  (2009). Responsibility of business to the community – practical models for relationship.  Israel Council on Social Welfare.  47, 10-13. (Hebrew)

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Papers Presented at Scientific Conferences


Kibbutz 2000 (Ruppin College)

"The role of the social worker in the Kibbutz".


Social Research in the Kibbutzim (Yad Tabenkin)

"Decision-making in the changing Kibbutz".


The Individual and Well-Being: Assessment over Time (David-Intercontinental Hotel, Tel Aviv)

"Empowerment and client participation in the rural community".

Ministry of Social Affairs.


Management of volunteers in senior roles (The Institute for Development and Research of Volunteerism in Israel, Yad Sarah, Jerusalem).

"The volunteer in a senior role: Opportunity or threat".


A seminar for supervisors in fieldwork:

"Actual and current directions in coping with socio-economic processes in Israel – implications on the instruction field".

School of Social Work, Bar-Ilan University.


"Social capital in a time of new governability" (the Ministry of welfare, Kibbutz Ma'ale Hachamisha)

"Applicable models in the new governability" (round-table discussion).


"Strengthening the social element in Social Work" (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

"Promoting the social change – how to succeed in processes of policy changing: Theory and practice".


A national conference for accessible community coordinators (the Convention Center, Ganei Yehoshua)

 "Corporate social responsibility".

Israel Association of Community Centers.


"The Fifth National Conference for Social Work Research: Abandoning State – Survillancing State, the social policy in Israel (Sapir College)

"Social work and its involvement in social struggles, analysis of the struggle of single mothers in Israel".


"Professional leadership and community leadership as leading a change (The Ministry of Welfare, Kibbutz Ma'ale Hachamisha).


Windows to a new horizon: current researches in community work (Bar-Ilan University)

"With us or without us: Social work and the success of social struggles".


Social policy in the face of the challenges of poverty, growth, inequality and social exclusionThe 8th Annual Conference of the Israeli Forum for Social Policy Research and ESPANET Israel ( Bar-Ilan University)

"Coalitions for Policy Change concerning excluded population".


Social Protests meet The Social Work (Haifa University)

" Social Workers Involvement during the Summer 2011 Social Protests".


Inequality, Poverty and Exclusion: Challenges for the Welfare State (Espanet, Israel, Tel-Aviv University)

"Social Workers' Experience of the Social Welfare System during the Summer 2011 Social Protests".


Values and Systems – The Eighteenth National Conference of the Social Workers (Association of Social Workers, Tel- Aviv)

"Social Workers' Experience of the Social Welfare System during the Summer 2011 Social Protests".


Values and Systems – The Eighteenth National Conference of the Social Workers(Association of Social Workers, Tel- Aviv)

Social Workers Involvement in Social Policy design.







The Reform of the Social Services department – From Vision to Practice.

(The Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, Modiin)

Panel – The connections between Academy and field

Re-visioning social work with individuals, collectives and communities: social work research.

(ECSWR- European Social Work Research Association, Ljubljana)

"The Governmental Welfare System and Social Workers involvement in Social Activism".


7610701 Introduction to community social work
7620301 Policy Change: From Theory to Practice
7632501 Community work 2
7673701 Community development: Advanced intervention methods - Seminar
7673801 Community development: Advanced intervention methods - Practicum



1.  Community social work

2.  Policy change and promotion of legislation

3.  Corporate social responsibility

4.  Leadership and empowerment in the community