Dr. Drorit Levy

Coordinator of community and organization development program
Dr. Drorit Levy





Bar-Ilan University, School of Social work



Bar-Ilan University, School of Social work



Bar-Ilan University, School of Social work


Awards / Honors


President’s excellence scholarship for outstanding doctoral students, Bar-Ilan University


Papers Presented at Scientific Conferences


"Social policy in the face of extreme poverty, growth, gaps and social exclusion", Bar Ilan University, member of the organizing committee.


SSWR - Society for Social Work and Research - Annual Conference 2010

(San Francisco, U.S.A).

"2010 SSWR SIG Meeting: Community Level Intervention Research".


The first Israeli social work training Conference (Israel)

 "Professional identity and training - Satisfaction with training, personal variables and perception of the value and contribution of social work students to develop a professional identity"




The 5th International Interdisciplinary Conference on Clinical Supervision (Buffalo, NY, USA)

"From Student to Professional" (Prof. Haya Itzhaky, Dr. Shirley Ben Shlomo & Dr. Drorit Levy)


Annual conference of community work service (Israel)

"interfaces economic, social and community services in present-day reality," academic expert participation in the seats.


New Horizon windows: Recent studies of community work (School of Social Work at Bar - Ilan University, Ministry of Social Affairs, the Association of Social Workers, Social Workers Association Community)
"The power of leadership ability: adapting women Ethiopian activity"


Changes and challenges in education, research, practice and policy in social work (The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel)
"Adaptation of Ethiopian women: the contribution of leadership ability"


Annual conference of community work service  (Israel)

"professional leadership and community leadership leading change", Supervision Session


Ethiopian Jews: Identity, Heritage, History and Society (Bar - Ilan University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Dahan Center - Bar-Ilan University, Ministry of Education - Education Administration settlement)
"Participation in the program's contribution to leadership development among Ethiopian women engaged in community activities Voluntary"




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7610401 Social policy and social services
7610701 Introduction to community social work
7621401 Community work 1
7625502 Community Work for Caseworkers
7692401 Community intervention strategies



1. Immigration.

2. Community practice in social work.