Dr. Hilit Brodsky Erel

Dr. Hilit Brodsky Erel



2009: Completion of training at the "Eitingon Psychoanalytic Institute", International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA).

2003-2006: Completion of Psychotherapy Studies, School of Psychotherapy in the Psychoanalytic Approach.

2002-2006: Doctoral Studies, School of Social Work, Bar-Ilan University. Thesis subject: "The role of the style of attachment of adults from divorce families and their spouses in the personal and marital adaptation."

2001-2002: Masters of Arts with honors in clinical social work, School of Social Work, Bar-Ilan University.

1993-1997: Bachelor of Arts in social work, Tel Aviv University.


Professional experience

2014 - Reviewer at the Journal of American Psychotherapy.

2004 - Lecturer at the Bar Ilan University. I teach clinical practicum at the clinical field as well as a seminar and a practicum at the rehabilitation field on psychodynamic concepts and the connection thereof to the rehabilitative work. In previous years I taught B.A students individual and group methodology courses; the work with the mentally ill population; elective courses in the fields of psychodynamic thinking and training and an advanced supervision training course for professionals.

2001 - I work at a private practice with the adolescents and adults population and I train professionals. I practice psychoanalytical psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, leading long term groups in the psychodynamic approach.

2000-2005: Social worker at a public mental health clinic. I coordinated the rehabilitative framework for the post-psychotic population, trained numerous groups of diverse populations, experienced individual psychotherapy, worked in a multi-professional team and conducted many psycho-social diagnoses.

1997-2000: Social worker at Tel Giborim Rehabilitation Center. The rehabilitants are adults suffering from mental, behavioral, emotional, social and physical problems. At the Center they undergo a process of occupational rehabilitation. I experienced working in individual therapies, leading therapy groups of diverse populations, including that of the hearing impaired. I also accompanied patients' families in the process of rehabilitation. The work included in addition Case Management, forming individual rehabilitation plan for each patient, follow up and mediation between the various factors of the system.

1998-1997:   The "Keren" occupational diagnostics and rehabilitation institute – conducting in-takes to adults suffering from physical, mental and psycho-social disabilities and supporting them in the process of the occupational diagnosis and rehabilitation.


Scholarships and Awards

President's scholarship for outstanding doctoral students – 2004

The peleg-Billig Center of the study of couplehood - 2004

The Sigmund Freud Center for psychoanalytical study – The Hebrew University Jerusalem – 2005


Participating in conferences

2014: "Secrets I have never (even) told myself – on secrets in therapy", Kenes Homesh.

2013: "Ghosts in the nursery room of a sick child", International Psychoanalytic association, Prague.

2012: "Conditional Love: parenting a sick child", The 9th Israeli-European International Conference on Medical Malpractice", France.

2012: "Secrets I have never (even) told myself", Third International Congress on Pediatric Chronic Diseases, Disability and Human Development, Jerusalem, Israel.

2012: "Secrets in the supervision room", supervisors' conference, Department of Social Work, Bar Ilan University.

2010: "Secrets of parents of seriously ill children", Conference at the "Beilinson Hospital": Treating the child and his parents.

2010: "The group and the other": what is between the group unconscious and the personal unconscious", Department of Social Work, Bar Ilan University.

2010: "Getting  lost in a familiar place: on similarities and differences in the interpersonal encounter", Department of Social Work, Bar Ilan University.

2009: "Walk between the raindrops", conference on "Ethical issues in therapy", Bar Ilan University.

2008: A workshop on "The group and the potential space", the Welfare Department, Kiriyat Ono.

2004: "They say there is love in the world", a lecture on the role of the style of attachment of adults from divorce families and their spouses in the personal and marital adaptation, Peleg Billig conference, Bar Ilan University. 



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7670302 Treatment methods with the adult individual B
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