Dr. Anat Ben-Porat

Dr. Anat Ben-Porat





Bar-Ilan University, School of Social Work



Bar-Ilan University, School of Social Work



Tel-Aviv University, School of Social Work


 Awards/ Honors/ Research Grants:


Ministry of Social Affairs - The treatment of men who turn for assistance to Violence Prevention Centers in Israel- learning from success. With Prof. Rachel Dekel, Bar Ilan University   PI- Anat Ben-Porat

2015 The therapeutic Riding Center of Israel: The positive and negative consequences of volunteering in the Therapeutic Riding Center for the volunteers
2014 Wizo-The experience of men who turn for assistance to Violence Prevention Centers in Israel. With Prof. Rachel Dekel, Bar Ilan University

The Israeli Ministry of Social Affairs. With Prof. Itzhaky, Bar Ilan University.              

Research Project: Ministry of Social Affairs - follow-up research on battered women staying in shelters and return to the community


The Israeli Ministry of Social Affairs. With Prof. Itzhaky and Prof. Dekel, Bar Ilan University.

Research Project: Ministry of Social Affairs - a  longitudinal study on battered women in shelters.


The Israel Ministry of Immigrant Absorption. With  Prof.  Itzhaky, and Prof. Dekel, Bar Ilan University.

Research Project: A follow-up research on new-immigrant battered women staying in shelters.


Doctoral fellowship of excellence, Bar-Ilan University


Israel Association of University Women Scholarship


Papers Presented at Scientific Conferences:

Ben-Porat, A. (2017). "Social workers, Neoliberalism and the cost of compassion", ESPAnet Annual Meeting (Bar Ilan University, Israel).    

Ben- Porat, A.,  Dekel, R., Itzhaky H. (2016). "Patterns of service utilization among women who are victims of domestic violence: The contribution of ethnicity, characteristics of violence and psychological distress", Inter-Disciplinary.Net, Domestic Abuse and Violence - 13th Global Meeting (Prague).

Gilbar, O. Dekel, R. Ben- Porat, A. (2016). "PTSD and complex PTSD in male- perpetrated intimate partner violence". ISTSS 32nd Annual Meeting (Dallas, U.S.A).

Ben-Porat, A. (2015). "Burnout among trauma social workers: What makes the difference?" International Conference on Changing World and Social Research (Vienna).

Ben-Porat, A. (2015). From field work to research and back: What have we learned from follow-up studies in shelters of women victims of domestic violence in Israel (Bar-Ilan University, Israel). "Back to the beginning point: What we wanted to learn about the characteristics of the women in the shelters and their partners".

Ben-Porat, A. (2014). "The implications of treating family violence for therapists and social lawyers".  Symposium for social lawyers on the emotional price of social attorneys in Israel, (Tel-Aviv University, Israel)

Ben-Porat, A. (2014). "The relation between financial dependence and violence against women". Symposium on the economic and employment status of women victims of violence (WOMEN'S SPIRIT and  Tel Aviv University, Israel).

Dekel, R., Ben-Porat, A., & Itzhaky H. (2014). "Posttraumatic symptoms in battered women in shelters". International Family Violence and Child Victimization Research Conference (New Hampshire).

Ben-Porat, A. (2014). "Domestic violence in the Ethiopian community: Evaluation of a culturally sensitive training program”. 28th International Congress of Applied Psychology (Paris).

Ben-Porat, A. (2014). "Domestic violence in the Ethiopian community: Evaluation of a culturally sensitive intervention". The Asian conference on psychology & the behavioral sciences (Iafor) (Osaka, Japan).

Ben-Porat, A. (2013). "Family violence therapists: Burnout, secondary traumatization, vicarious traumatization and growth". International conference of the stress and anxiety research society (STAR)(Faro, Portugal).

Ben-Porat, A. (2012). "Looking for a safe place: the contribution of personal and environmental resources to PTSD among Israeli youth exposed to terror attacks ". Joint World Conference: Social Work Social Development: Action and Impact   (Stockholm, Sweden).

Ben-Porat, A. (2012). "Domestic violence - Reality and media". Violence in the dialogue between therapists and members of the media (Bar-Ilan University, Israel).

Ben-Porat, A. (2012) "The implication of treating abused children for the therapist". Therapists at the Front: Symposium for Youth Law Officials (Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Ben-Porat, A. (2011). "Does the world know something we do not know: Assessment findings of shelters for women victims of domestic violence abroad". From the research field and back: What have we learned about women victims of domestic violence in shelters in Israel (Bar-Ilan University, Israel)

Itzhaky H. & Ben-Porat A. (2009). "Domestic violence Therapists: The Contribution of Training and Supervision to Role Competence, Secondary Traumatization, and Burnout". International Interdisciplinary Clinical Supervision Conference (Buffalo, NY).

Ben-Porat, A. (2008). "Connecting Two Worlds: Training Social Workers to Deal with Domestic Violence in the Ethiopian Community".   International Conference: Ethiopian Jewry- Identity, Heritage, History and Society (Bar Ilan, Israel). 

Ben-Porat, A. (2008). "Family violence therapists: Contribution of personal, social and organizational resources to sense of role competence, secondary traumatization and growth".  A one day Seminar "Opportunity for Research" (Bar Ilan University).

Ben-Porat, A. (2007). "Violence Against Women as a Universal  Phenomenon". Conference on the Prevention of  Violence Against Women in the Ethiopian Community (Bar Ilan University, Israel).

Ben-Porat, A. (2003).  "The Effect of Staying in Shelter on Battered Women's Sense of Empowerment". The Annual Conference of Social Workers in Israel (Tel-Aviv, Israel).



Reviewer of research proposal 

Israel Academy of Science and Humanities (ISF)

Reviewer for Journals 

2011-present: British Journal of Social Work

2012-present: Journal of Community Psychology

2015- present: International Journal of Social Welfare

2014-present: Journal of Child and Family Studies

2014- present: Journal of Poverty

2017-present: Psychology of Women Quarterly

2015-present: Hevra Urevaha (Society and Welfare)


Article  in Periodical

Ben-Porat, A., Levy, D., Katora, O., Dekel, R., & Itzhaky, H. (in press) Domestic violence in Arab  society: A comparison of Arab and Jewish women at shelters in Israel. Journal of  Interpersonal Violence.

Ben-Porat, A.(2017).  Patterns of service utilization among women who are  victims of  domestic violence: The contribution of cultural background,  characteristics of  violence and psychological distress. Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Weiss-Dagan, S., Itzhaky, H. & Ben-Porat, A.(2016).affective supervision and  secondary traumatization among Child Protection Workers. Society and Welfare   (Hebrew)

Weiss-Dagan, S., Ben-Porat, A. & Itzhaky, H. (2016). Child Protection Workers Dealing with Child Abuse: The Contribution of Personal, Social and Organizational Resources to Secondary Traumatization. Child Abuse and Neglect, 51, 203-211.

Refaeli T., Levy, D., Ben-Porat, A. Dekel, R., & Itzhaky, H.(2016). Personal and Environmental Predictors of Depression among Victims of Intimate Partner Violence: Comparison of Immigrant and Israeli-Born Women, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, First Published 10 Jul 2016 

Ben-Porat, A. (2015). Competence of trauma social workers: The relationship between field of practice and secondary traumatization, personal and environmental variables. Journal of interpersonal violence.

Ben-Porat, A. (2015). Vicarious post-traumatic growth: Domestic violence therapists versus social service department therapists in Israel. Journal of Family Violence, 30(6).

Dagan K.,  Itzhaky, H., & Ben-Porat, A.(2015). Therapists working with trauma victims: The contribution of personal, environmental, and professional-organizational resources to secondary traumatization. Journal of Trauma and Dissociation.

Ben-Porat, A. & Itzhaky, H. (2014). Burnout among trauma social workers: The contribution of personal and environmental resourcesJournal of Social Work.

Ben-Porat, A., Yablon, Y. B., & Itzhaky, H. (2012).  Is the development of PTSD blind to differences in social resources? evidence from high school students facing terrorism. Journal of Community Psychology

Ben Porat, A. (2012). Factors that influence secondary traumatization: Comparison between domestic violence therapists and therapists in social service bureaus. Society and welfare (Hebrew).

Ben Porat, A. & Itzhaky, H.(2011). The contribution of supervision and professional training to role competence, secondary traumatization and burnout among family violence therapists, The Clinical Supervisor, 30(1), 95-108.   

Ben Porat, A. (2010). Connecting two worlds": Training social workers to deal with domestic violence in the Ethiopian community. British Journal of Social Work, 40(8), 2485-250            

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Ben- Porat, A. & Itzhaky, H.(2008). Factors that influence life satisfaction among Battered women in shelter: those who stay versus those who leave, Journal   of Family Violence, 23(7), 597-60

Itzhaky, H. & Ben- Porat, A. (2005). Battered women in shelters: internal resources, well being and integration, Affilia, 20(1), 39- 51.                                                    


Chapters in Books

Ben Porat, A. & Itzhaky, H.(2009). Family violence therapists: Personal and  sociaresources,  role competence, secondary traumatization and growth. In R. V. Schwartzhoffer (Ed.), Psychology of burnout: predictors and coping mechanisms (Chap. 10). Nova science publisher inc.                                                                          


On Sabbatical


1. Domestic Violence.

2. Treatment effects on  therapists who treat trauma victims: secondary traumatization, burnout and growth.

3. Evaluation of shelters for women victims of violence.