Dr. Adi Barak

Dr. Adi Barak









The Spitzer Department of Social Work, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva


MSW (Direct Ph.D. program)

The Bob Shapell School of Social Work, Tel Aviv University



MFA Theater

Tel Aviv University


Ph.D. Social Work (Direct Ph.D. program)

The Bob Shapell School of Social Work, Tel Aviv University


Post-Doctoral Fellowships


Haifa University; The Graduate School of Creative Arts Therapies; The President's Postdoctoral Fellowship; Advisor - Prof. Rachel Lev


The University of Chicago; Chapin Hall Research Center; Haruv Institute Fellowship; Advisor - Dr. Matthew Stagner


The University of Chicago; School of Social Service Administration Postdoctoral Research Fellowship; Advisor - Prof. Neil B. Guterman




The Spitzer Department of Social Work Excellence Award

Ben-Gurion University


Wolf foundation excellence award.


The Spitzer Department of Social Work Excellence Award

Ben-Gurion University


The Tel-Aviv University Rector's PhD scholarship


The Shimon Bergman fund scholarship

The Inga Gotfarb Fund Scholarship


The Rector's prize for excellence in teaching, Tel Aviv University


Haruv institute post-doctoral fellowship award to the University of Chicago


The Gray Center for Arts and Inquiry Experiments Grant ( Making a (re) Entrance project - Using theater to facilitate research about the reentry process with a group of ex-offenders).


Chicago Course Connection Grants (Making a (re) Entrance project.)



2005-2006 - ATD Fourth World Seminar planning


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Non Refereed Publications

Barak, A. (2012) Satirical improvised news paper. Theatre, 32, 4-18. (Hebrew).

Barak A. (2010). Youth at risk of becoming School Dropouts. Hed Hachinich, 84, 92-94. (Hebrew).

Krumer-Nevo, M., Teichman, M. & Barak, A. (2004) 'Business and Community Initiators' Program Youth-at-Risk at the Focus of Attention at the Israeli Network of Community Centers ("Matnasim")': an evaluation study. The Interdisciplinary Center for Children and Youth Studies, Tel-Aviv University, School of Social Work.

Krumer-Nevo, M. & Barak, A. (2003). 'The contribution of people living in poverty to poverty discourse'. Position paper written towards a conference under the same name held at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev: Beer-Sheva.



A. Barak, On war and Soldiers: The Israeli Ethos on Stage. Northwestern Israeli Studies Conference.

A. Barak, "Temporal organization of bereavment narratives". The 5th conference of qualitative research, Ben Gurion University, February 2012.

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M. Krumer-Nevo, A. Barak, "Transforming personal knowledge into political manifest" The First International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, May 2005.

2005-2006 - ATD Fourth world seminar on extreme poverty (Marseille 9.2005).

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7631001 - Critical Thinking in Social Work

7641102 - Group dynamics

7660401 - Eclectic Intervention Methods

7666401 - Critical Thinking in Social Work

7699401 - Workshop for doctoral students

7699901 - Qualitative research methods



1. Social Policy Research

2. Bereavement

3. Arts in Psychotherapy

4. Radical Social Work